“One of the most tried and true clichés in music is there is no such thing as an overnight sensation. It is used so frequently because multiple times a year a band comes out of relative obscurity to deliver an unexpected hit and people wonder, “Where did they come from?”

This year that band is New Orleans seven-piece the Revivalists, who have delivered one of the best and catchiest radio singles of the years with the superb “Wish I Knew You.” A sublime pop gem that mines nostalgia in an infectious way, the song has been a radio staple for most of this year and, if there is any justice, should be a Grammy contender in 2018 in the rock and alternative categories.

Where the no overnight success story is a cliché comes true is that the success of the song comes 10 years after the band made their debut. A decade in, frontman David Shaw and guitarist Zack Feinberg say they are very happy with the band’s gradual road to radio stardom.

“I’m glad it happened this way because I don’t think we would have been able to handle the success 10 years ago,” Shaw says.

I spoke with both about the success of the song, how Shaw was so into the song he almost got hit by a car listening to the early mix and how their divergent musical tastes, from Tool to Pearl Jam, have led to their distinctly Revivalists sound.”

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